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Grand Knight                     Kevin Collins

Chaplain                            Monsignor Thomas Baddick

Deputy Grand Knight         Dennis Campbell

Financial Secretary            Frank Castellano

Treasurer                           Bernie Stano

Chancellor                         Jim Foley

Advocate                           John F. Spirk, Jr., PGK

Recorder                           Randy Zenchettin

Warden                             Dean Donaher

Inside Guard                     Peter LaPointe

Outside Guard                  Chip Walakovits

Third Year Trustee            Bob Allwein

Second Year Trustee        Ron Moser PGK

First Year Trustee             Mike Martin PGK

Lecturer                            Deacon Steve Gorbos


Council Directors


Program & Council Director      

Faith Director                            

Church Director                         

Community Director                   

Vocation Chairman                    

Family Director                          

Roundtable Chairman              

Membership Director                 

Admissions Chairman               

Recruitment Chairman             

Retention Chairman                  

Pro-Life Chairman/wife              

Insurance Promotion                 

WebMaster                                Mike Martin, PGK

Public Relations Director           Mike Martin, PGK

Past Grand Knights

1971 - Present


2021 to 2023      Mike Martin

2017 to 2021    Ron Moser                  2016 to 2017     Jim Weed                        

2014 to 2016      Dennis Blaszkowski 

2013 to 2014      John Corrado

2012 to 2013      Mark J. Sewell

2011 to 2012      Michael Toohey

2009 to 2011      John F. Spirk, Jr.

2008 to 2009      Phillip Comito

2007 to 2008      Robert Pandaleon

2006 to 2007      Richard Scrak, Jr.

2005 to 2006      James R. Faller

2004 to 2005      Stephen T. Gorbos, Jr.

2003 to 2004      James Hogg, III

2002 to 2003      Edward J. Ortelli

2001 to 2002      Edward W. Nickles

2000 to 2001      Robert W. Curzi

1999 to 2000      Richard W. Sewald Jr.

1998 to 1999      Terry L. Unger

1997 to 1998      Carl L. Albarelli

1995 to 1997      Joseph L. Sulinski

1994 to 1995      Frank J. Tomkowski

1993 to 1994      James M. Artim

1992 to 1993      Lee B. Steele

1991 to 1992      Michael A. Ippoliti

1990 to 1991      Leonard T. Verrastro

1989 to 1990      Daniel Artim

1987 to 1989      David M. Petrilla

1986 to 1987      Bernard J. Gallagher

1985 to 1986      Robert M. Gallagher

1984 to 1985      Carl R. Symons

1983 to 1984      John P. Yanushka

1982 to 1983      Robert L. Johnson, Jr.

1981 to 1982      Joseph F. Morrison

1980 to 1981      William J. Connell, Jr.

1979 to 1980      Edward L. Lewis

1978 to 1979      Louis T. Gergar

1977 to 1978      Richard L. Gergar

1976 to 1977      Norbert J. Smith

1975 to 1976      J. Stanley Tich

1974 to 1975      Dominic P. Spagnola

1973 to 1974      John Tobin

1972 to 1973      Vincent Brugger

1971 to 1972      Joseph Vavro

1898 - 1970

1970 to 1971      Steve Kuti

1969 to 1970      Edward W. Beighe

1968 to 1969      John E. Cauley

1966 to 1968      John A. Clark

1965 to 1966      James J. Reidy

1964 to 1965      Paul J. Dibartolo

1962 to 1964      Cletus E. McGorry

1960 to 1962      David Livirrie

1958 to 1960      Paul Matus

1957 to 1958      James F. Conahan

1956 to 1957      John J. Conahan

1955 to 1956      John McNamara

1954 to 1955      F. Cunningham

1953 to 1954      Fred B. Rooney, Jr.

1950 to 1953      August C. Concilio, Sr

1949 to 1950      Hugh G. Howard

1947 to 1949      James A. Brown

1945 to 1947      Michael D. Fenol

1942 to 1945      Bernard A. Briody, Sr.

1940 to 1942      Harry F. McGlade

1938 to 1940      Francis J. Cunningham

1936 to 1938      John Bruno

1934 to 1936      Bart Reynolds

1932 to 1934      Hugh P. McFadden

1930 to 1932      John Cunningham

1928 to 1930      John Kilcullen

1927 to 1928      Joseph B. McNamee

1924 to 1927      James C. McIntyre

1922 to 1924      John R. Lynch

1921 to 1922      Ed D. Mill

1919 to 1921      Thomas Kane

1916 to 1919      John J. Dempsey

1914 to 1916      Herman E. Hauke

1910 to 1913      Martin J. Hildenberger, Jr

1908 to 1910      John J. Hart

1907 to 1908      James M. Degnan

1906 to 1907      Herman E. Hauke

1905 to 1906      Jeremiah P. Casey

1904 to 1905      Bernard Enright

1903 to 1904      Louis J. Rayeur

1902 to 1903      George A. Hart

1900 to 1902      Joseph H. McGee

1898 to 1900      James M. Degnan


Officer's Duties



The grand knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council.  The grand knight must provide thoughtful and inspired leadership to the 14 other council officers, the service directors, chairmen and member of the council.  More specifically, his duties include: presiding over council meetings, appointing membership and program directors, acts as an ex officio member on all committees, including membership of recruitment and retention committees while making sure all required reports are submitted on time.  The grand knight represents the council at Chapter meetings and the annual state convention.



The deputy grand knight is second in command in the council.  He assists the grand knight in the operation of the council affairs and is responsible for any duties assigned to him by the grand knight.  He is also the council's program director advising the various service program directors.  Unless there are objections the deputy grand knight will be nominated for grand knight the following Columbian year.



The chancellor assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight in the execution of their duties and takes charge of the council in the absence of the grand knight and deputy grand knight.  He chairs the membership activities of the council to attract new members, getting them through the three degrees and making new members feel welcome in our council.  The chancellor can be nominated to deputy grand knight the following Columbian year if there are no objections.



The warden is responsible for supervising and maintaining most council property except that which belongs to the financial secretary.  He sets up  council chambers for meetings and degrees and supervises guards for ceremonial exemplifications.  The warden should also oversee the inside and outside guards and make sure they are fulfilling the duties assigned to them  The warden should move up to chancellor the following Columbian year if there are no objections.



The inside guard attends the inner door of the council chamber, checking on paid up membership cards before allowing entrance.  The outside guard tends the outer door of the council home admitting all visitors to the inner door.  Both of these positions assist the warden in setting up the chamber for meeting and other council activities.



The recorder functions the same way that a court recorder does by maintaining the minutes of council meetings.  He also maintains all council correspondence.



This office is approved by and represents supreme and is appointed for a term of three years.  The financial secretary's duties revolve around two areas: financial records and membership records.  He receives all moneys that come into the council from any source.  He then turns that money over to the council treasurer for deposit into the council account.  One of the main functions of this office is to collect money in the form of dues.  He is the one who sends out dues notices.  He must insure that new members sign constitutional roll of membership at the first degree.



The treasurer is an elected officer in charge of handling all council funds.  He receives money from the financial secretary.  He must keep accurate financial records.  The treasure makes payments approved by the trustees.



The advocate is the legal representative of the council and serves as the council's attorney in case of trial and investigation of any matter of interest to the council.  He should be thoroughly familiar with all of the laws of the Order as stated in the "Charter, Constitution and Laws" and with council by-laws as well as a working knowledge of the "Roberts Rules of Order".



The lecturer is appointed by the grand knight to provide suitable educational and entertaining programs for the council.  He is responsible for presenting the "Good of the Order" section of the council meetings.  He will have ample time at each meeting to present a worthwhile program that will help build attendance and provide benefits to the membership that is present.



The priest chosen will primarily act as spiritual advisor to the brother knights and families of the council.  He has no specific duties with regards to running the council.  He is expected, however, to make a report at council meeting and give brief talk on any religious matters.  The chaplain should also serve as an advisor to the church activities director.



The board of trustees consist of the grand knight and three members elected by the council which traditionally are past grand knights.  Trustees supervise all financial business of the council.  They serve as auditors of the books.  They also serve on the council's retention committee.

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